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At SPLATTER ROOMS you can enjoy any artsy session and explore the artistic excitement, with friends & family while elevating your imagination by experiencing different original art techniques. This is a space where any artistic ability or special talent is not a barrier, as the focus is on the process and not on the final result, and where results are unpredictable yet fantastic & thrilling. Now you can paint a statement, get imaginative with your favorite colors, and even start a legacy of freestyle & abstract art that might just ignite the hidden Jackson Pollock inside of you. So, what are you waiting for? Get your time slot booked and indulge different artsy sessions.

You can host a Birthday Party, a Team Building exercise, or just step in to get messy and have fun with friends and loved ones

How To Join

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Book a time slot,
or walk-in.

You can book online,
call us or just Walk-In

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Choose your package

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session package

Step 3

On your Mark, Get Set!

Get ready with all disposable
gear and supplies

Step 4

Fun Time

Discover your inner artist,
mix colors, have fun,
and make memory

Splatter Rooms Abu Dhabi is a fun art workshop that allows you to explore your artistic side by splattering paint onto a blank canvas. It not only gives you imaginative freedom, but it also helps you feel satisfied with your very own masterpiece once you see the results. It is one of the fun places to visit in Abu Dhabi and a great way to enjoy recreational time together with friends and family. 


Splatter Rooms has different workshops you can choose from depending on your mood. If you’re looking for a simple splattering paint session, you can always sign up and discover a new hobby with your newfound talent for the arts. Feeling festive and outgoing? Try our glow-in-dark painting session. It’s a mesmerizing workshop that showcases luminous and visually-appealing paint. You can even book a birthday party, team gathering, or a session for some fun paint splattering! We do believe in the saying that the more, the merrier!

Unleash the hidden artist in you and visit our splatter paint rooms in Abu Dhabi today! Contact us and book a fun session for a memorable and out-of-this-world experience.

Different Themed Rooms, Where You Can Make a Statement or Even Start a Legacy of Freestyle & Abstract Art

Our Rooms

Our Rooms offer a unique atmosphere with a garage style decoration and a fascinating graffiti art mural from the entrance presenting a freestyle signature combining both art and entertainment.

We provide all the supplies you need to enjoy your session, as well as disposable gear to protect your clothes from paint splatter

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With the loyalty card in hand, explore a range of unique, original, and fun experiences at Splatter Rooms. Indulge eight different sessions within the current year and receive a complimentary session of your choice.

We guarantee you to have a fantastic and thrilling experience

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