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Last updated: May 20, 2021


The Website www.splatterrooms.com is owned and operated by Splatter Rooms and the Trademarks, Logos displayed on the website, its contents and any other information are the property of Splatter Rooms, where any use or misuse can lead to infringement of the relevant owner’s rights. These Terms & Conditions covers how Splatter Rooms operates and any contract concluded incorporating these Terms & Conditions shall be governed by UAE law and all disputes shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the UAE courts. The use of our website and the participation in any of Splatter Rooms sessions implies the acceptance of the following Terms and conditions.

Changes to the Terms & Conditions

Splatter Rooms holds the right to amend and/or vary these Terms & Conditions including any of the contents of the Website from time to time at its sole discretion and without any prior notice to meet the requirements and standards. Therefore, the Customers are advised to frequently visit these sections in order to be updated about the changes on the website as modifications will be effective on the “Last updated” date at the top of this Terms & Conditions and posted on this page.


Splatter Rooms General

  • Splatter Rooms participants are to abide by our rules and regulations, adopt proper standards of behavior and cooperate with Splatter Rooms Staff at any time within the Splatter Rooms premises.
  • Splatter Rooms are liable for any property damage during the session and Splatter Rooms is entitled to charge the Participant for any damage during the session within the premises either intentional or by misuse of any item.
  • Kids participating in the Kids Splatter Room must be accompanied and a responsible adult must attend during the whole session time.
  • All participant(s) with any kind of disability and/or light-sensitivity must inform Splatter Rooms while booking.
  • Before the starting of the session, participant(s) will be given a set of rules/instructions by the Splatter Rooms Staff, where Splatter Rooms is NOT liable for any (personal and/or equipment) damages caused by misuse or not following the rules/instructions described before the session started.
  • Participant(s) under the influence of alcohol and/or unprescribed drugs or medications or behaving in an inappropriate manner will NOT be allowed to participate in any session and the payments will not be refunded. In such case, relevant authorities will be notified.
  • Splatter Rooms does NOT tolerate any kind of bullying or harassment towards its team member and/or any other participant(s). In such case, Splatter Rooms team member has the right to ask relevant participant(s) to leave the session.
  • Drinks and Foods are NOT allowed during the session within any Splatter Rooms premises.
  • Splatter Rooms recommends that participant(s) wear comfortable clothing and closed toed shoes for the session.


Splatter Rooms Booking Sessions

  • Splatter Rooms sessions are designed to hold a maximum capacity as mentioned on the Website, where physical rooms sessions are for 60 minutes, while mobile rooms sessions are for 90 minutes.
  • Splatter Rooms participant must come at least 15 minutes prior to the start of their booked session to get ready and wear all required disposable gear.
  • Any Online booked session is only valid through a confirmed e-mail and processed by Splatter Rooms team member to avoid over booked sessions.
  • Splatter Rooms sessions could be booked online through our website www.splatterrooms.com, or through walk-in, however, we highly recommend to book online as we cannot guarantee your place and it will be subject to availability.
  • Splatter Rooms session(s) could be transferred to another party, however, you need to directly contact Splatter Rooms (via email or phone) to inform them to avoid refusing the new participant(s) to the session(s).
  • By submitting the Splatter Rooms Online Booking Form you warrant to Splatter Rooms that all details given by you are accurate and true as you are entirely responsible for entering your details correctly and accurately.
  • All Splatter Rooms session(s) are LIVE events and bookings are final. Any change, cancellations and/or reschedules must be done 48Hrs prior to the start of the booked session(s)
  • All Splatter Rooms session(s) are LIVE events and time slot could not be re-adjusted to accommodate lateness and delays. In such case, Participants will be allowed to join the session(s), however the clock will not be adjusted according to the delay at your end.


Splatter Rooms Price & Payment

  • The price of each splatter room is stated on the booking section of the Splatter Rooms’ website
  • Full payment is required upon arriving at the Splatter Rooms and before starting any session.
  • All Splatter Rooms session(s) are LIVE events and bookings are final. Any change, cancellations and/or reschedules must be done 48Hrs prior to the start of the booked session(s)
  • All Splatter Rooms sessions(s) are LIVE event, once the session start: refunds, cancellation and/or reschedules are NOT allowed.


Splatter Rooms Loyalty Card

  • Splatter Rooms Loyalty Card is an individual card and cannot be transferred to other parties.
  • Splatter Rooms Loyalty Card must be stamped for each attended session. A complimentary session of your choice will be offered once eight different sessions were attended.
  • Sessions stamped in the Splatter Rooms Loyalty Card cannot be carried over to next year and must be used within the current year. In case the eight sessions were not completed on the 31st of December within the current year, then the card shall be invalid, and a new card must be obtained.


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