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Our paint is a high quality, child safe paint. It is environmentally friendly and non-toxic following international safety standards.

We provide disposable gear to protect your clothing / body / hair from paint splashes. However, you can soak your clothing easily and all stain will wash off in the shower easily.

No, we provide size-fit take home custom boxes to protect and transport your wet masterpiece with you at the end of each session, ready to hang on your walls

We provide different canvas size within the pack that you can choose from. However, it is not limited to just canvas as we also provide different sizes of bear figurine which you can paint also.

No, we use specific non-toxic paint and would prefer not to mix different brands

We provide a standard size 30cm x 40cm within the pack. However, different sizes could be purchased additionally from our boutique.

Each room has a maximum capacity which is indicated on our website. However, due to COVID-19, we are reducing the capacity for each session to ensure allowing social distancing

No, food and/or drinks is not allowed within our facility

No, you just need to unleash creativity as the focus is on the process and not the end result. You will end up by discovering freestyle art.

Our rooms are shared spaces to build communities with same interest. However, you can book a room for a group with the same room capacity or pay for the full amount of the capacity mentioned to ensure booking the room for a private session.

We highly recommend to book online as we can not guarantee your place. You can also walk-in, but it will be subject to space availability.

We provide a pack including enough paint for the session. However, you can purchase additional paint from our boutique if you run out of paint or need additional colors to unleash your creativity.

Yes, we highly encourage to capture your fun moments, and please tag us on our social media. We highly recommend to book a private session if you have any concerns in being photographed, as our rooms are shared spaces and we can not guarantee that you may not have your picture taken and posted online.

Yes, we have a sound system in place, we play Music that is aligned with the ambience of the room. You can also play a song from your playlist, just ask our member to assist you.

Sure, Splatter Rooms team members will be there to assist, guide, and inspire you.

If you book for the mobile room, our team will be at your door step 30mns before the session time to setup the room and ensure setting all requirements for a joyful session. After the session is completed, our team will need 30mns to dis-assemble the room.

You just need to book the slot time, the number of members attending the session and the selection of the experience needed. Our team will contact you to ensure all requirements are captured to enjoy a fun session.

Nothing, just plan to arrive at Splatter Rooms at least 15mns earlier than your selected slot to get ready.

We do have a maximum capacity which is indicated on our website. However, we can arrange multiple sessions if you want to book for a team building or school field trips.

Although our paint is washable, it may stain on your clothes. However, we provide disposable gear such as ponchos, aprons, gloves, and shoe covers. We highly recommend coming dressed in clothes you don’t mind getting stained, in case soak your clothing immediately once you get home!


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