Ready. Set. Glow! A fun Glow in the dark session to relief stress, freely express emotions, and have fun

Admit it, we all wanted to recreate the paint scene from Miss Congeniality Movie? Well good news, Head-on to the Neon room and glow in the dark like a firefly! There is a special stress relief and bonding time that comes from the neon session! Trust us it is a great idea!

Glow in the dark sessions are great ideas for birthday parties, team building activities, or just a fun time with friends and loved ones.

We use neon-colored paints to ensure bright glowing colors under UV black lights to create a more effective visual effect all around the room.

Our packages are inclusive of all the supplies you need to enjoy your session, as well as disposable gear to protect your clothes from paint.

Our Packages

Neon Party

Ladies Glow in the Dark

Get painting and shine bright in the darkness!

Have a glow-in-the-dark party with Splatter Rooms and experience the best night of your life! Enjoy amazing and spectacular colorful splatters with your friends and create art with your very own artistic hands. Art is everywhere and it is certainly in one of our rooms when you book with us for some big fun!

If you’re looking for a recreational yet interesting thing to do on a weekend, why not indulge yourself in a neon glow party? It’s a unique and one-of-a-kind experience here at Splatter Rooms and absolutely a worthwhile activity to do on your days off. You can choose from a simple neon party to a ladies-only glow-in-the-dark session that lasts for up to 90 minutes. Our fun session never stops there because once you’re done with this glow party in Abu Dhabi, you’ll get to take home a bunch of wonderful memories!

What are you waiting for?

Book with us now and discover a world full of bright colors and bright smiles that just seem right! Have a neon party in Abu Dhabi right now and visit Splatter Rooms.

We guarantee you to have a fantastic and thrilling experience

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